Tuesday Report : When the Bell Rings 星期二特写 : 钟声响起时

Tuesday Report : When the Bell Rings 星期二特写 : 钟声响起时 - EP1

Nanyang Girls’ High School 兰蕙南洋

提供: Toggle Video 发布: 11/07/2017 声道: Chinese

2017 is a special year for Nanyang Girls’ High School as it marks the school's 100th anniversary , a movie titled “Once Upon A Generation” is also made to commemorate this special milestone , and it is jointly produced by the Nanyang family comprising teachers , current students and alumni from the kindergarten , primary and secondary sections . The school , founded in 1917 by the Nanyang Branch of the Chinese United League , to provide education for young girls in Singapore , had gone through tumultuous times , from financial crisis to education policy changes . Yet the school continues to raise many generations of women with modern outlook , over the years . Alumnae , including former principals of the school , Chua Liang , Wee Bee Hoon , Heng Boey Hong as well as PSC scholars , share their stories and the journey they went through with Nanyang . 南洋女中今年庆祝创校100周年,来自南洋大家庭的中学、小学和幼稚园校友和师生们一起拍摄电影《兰蕙百年》,细说从头。 1917年由同盟会“南洋分会”创办的南洋女中,一百年来经历过动荡不安、经济困境、学制改革,不但孕育出一代又一代的新女性,也培养出不少女校长。历届校友包括蔡亮、黄美云、王梅凤、奖学金得主等,述说与南中一起走过的旅程。

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