Twilight Years 边缘老人

Twilight Years 边缘老人 - EP4

China: The Left-Behind Elderly 中国: 孤独老人

提供: Channel U 发布: 11/07/2019 声道: Chinese

In pursuit of a better life and work opportunities, as many as 18 million young Chinese leave the rural farms for the glitzy cities every year. In so doing, many elderly parents are left behind to man the farms, as well as their offsprings. There are an estimated 20 million "Left-Behind Elderly" in rural areas of each province. Despite their age, they are physically and mentally at risk. These are the most vulnerable folks in modern China. 中国每年有1千8万名青年离开农村到城市发展,留下孤独的老人。这些老人必须独自耕地和做农,并照顾孙辈。孙辈长大后也离开农村,老人却仍留守空巢。暮年之际,老人不但无法享清福,反而得肩负沉重的生活担子。

Twilight Years 边缘老人
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