Ubin Boy S1

Ubin Boy S1 - EP7

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

提供: okto 发布: 11/10/2018 声道: English

One day the boys overhear there is a rumour of sighting of tiger in Pulau Ubin and they ask Teck Ko to bring them on a tiger hunt but soon realised that the closest Teck Ko ever got to a tiger was in the a zoo. Ah Mah has been anxious for the boys to return home on time so she calmly and bravely protects the boys as they find their way home. Upon returning, Steven's father told him when he was young he disobeyed Ah Mah. He and his younger brother unknowingly disturbed a snake and Ah Mah came to the rescue. The boys learn Ah Mah is actually very courages woman. They have a newfound respect for Grandma. LESSON OF THE DAY: DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK (OR PERSON) BY ITS COVER.

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