Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里

Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里 - EP12


提供: Channel 8 发布: 11/02/2019 声道: Chinese

Qing Hao flushed the spectacles down the toilet bowl to destroy evidence of his cheating attempt. The lecturer reports to the principal that of his suspicion that Qing Hao cheated and even destroyed the evidence but Qing Hao vehemently denies it. Unexpectedly, the spectacles clogs up the toilet bowl and the school janitor pulls it out; Qing Hao is unable to deny any further. The principal gives Qing Hao three days to name his accomplice or face expulsion from school. 庆豪作弊被发现,及时将眼镜冲入马桶,毁尸灭迹。讲师向校长报告怀疑庆豪作弊,还销毁证据,庆豪极力狡辩。不料眼镜塞住了马桶,被校工捞了上来,令他无从抵赖。校长限他三天内供出同谋,否则就要将他开除。

Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里
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