When Duty Calls

When Duty Calls - EP8


提供: Channel 8 发布: 09/08/2017 声道: Chinese

Jin Bao feels that Long Bin is deliberately against him. Yi Xin pretends to be sick to make Long Bin stay with her instead of going back to camp. Long Bin finds out the truth and quarrels with Yi Xin. However, Yi Xin ends up really sick and is hospitalized. Feeling guilty, Long Bin apologizes to Yi Xin and they patch up. Mei Guang bumps into her ex-lover, Yong Zheng. 金保认为龙斌故意针对他,对他不满。一心为了不让龙斌回营,假装生病。龙斌知道后,与一心争吵起来。后一心真的不舒服入院,龙斌感愧疚,向她道歉,获得一心原谅。美光和当年男友勇正意外重逢,两人感觉尴尬。

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