While We Are Young: Sneak Peek 《Z世代》抢先看

While We Are Young: Sneak Peek 《Z世代》抢先看 - EP1


提供: Toggle Video 发布: 09/08/2017 声道: Chinese

The story centres around a group of teenagers and their academic and emotional problems, with family and school life as a secondary line. These teenagers have just started on their tertiary education, with some in Junior Colleges and some in Polytechnics. The story will explore their issues with friendship, family and romance.杨小帅和汤一杰是两个家庭背景迥然不同,个性迥异,际遇差距颇大的十七岁岁男生,却因为方庭和钟爱这“两个妈妈”,两人的关系变得复杂,既是同学,又是叔侄,后来更因为黄李白云而成为情敌。

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