While We Are Young Z世代

While We Are Young Z世代 - EP20


提供: Channel 8 发布: 29/12/2017 声道: Chinese

Fang Ting discovers a tumour but refuses to undergo treatment, causing everyone to worry. Tian Cai gets his mom in trouble with the police when he tries to earn pocket money through illegal means. Out of desperation, he seeks Fang Ting's help. Fang Ting wants this to be a lesson to Tian Cai, and asks him to repent. Jin Shun tries to persuade Fang Ting to seek medical help as everyone cares about her but will she give in ultimately ? 方庭身上发现肿瘤,却不肯做切片检查,众人担心。天才为了赚钱而当上"钱骡",害得妈妈被警方起诉,只好向方庭求救。方庭要他把这件事当成教训,好好反省。金顺借机告诉方庭,大家都很需要她,劝她去做检查,方庭是否会答应?

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